Yash is a one-man video editing titan based in India that helps businesses and individuals tell their stories through compelling video content. With a passion for visual storytelling & video editing, he is dedicated to helping clients achieve their brand goals through high-quality video production.

The problem

Yash Tribe, a video editing business run by a one-man team, was about to start a podcast and needed a creative t-shirt design that would reflect the business’s modern and minimalistic brand while also serving as a logo mark.

The challenge was to come up with something that was different and creative but still aligned with the business’s values and aesthetics.

Research & Planning

To tackle this challenge, I started by researching the latest design trends and analyzing his brand identity & target audience. I wanted to ensure that the t-shirt design would resonate with the business’s existing and potential customers and reflect the brand’s personality and values.

I also looked at other successful t-shirt designs and logos for inspiration and ideas.

Based on my research and analysis, I came up with three typographic concepts for the t-shirt design. Each concept had a different approach and style but all aligned with the business’s modern and minimalistic brand identity.

Concepts exploration


After presenting the three concepts to Yash (founder, yash tribe) , I received positive feedback on all three but ultimately decided to go with the third concept.

The chosen design features a simple yet powerful graphic of a film reel moulded into letter Y (initial of the brand name) along with patchy modern sticker strip designs.

The design is modern, minimalist, and creative while still serving as a recognizable logo mark for the business.

To ensure the quality of the final product, I suggested him to closely work with a local printer to select the best fabric, ink, and printing technique.


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