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Andorra Village

Andorra Village is a luxurious hotel located in Riyadh. They offer guests a relaxing and unforgettable stay, combining modern comforts with a classic and elegant style.



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arpit brandings x andorra village

Finding the Perfect Balance

The challenge with Andorra Village’s branding was finding a way to incorporate patterns the client liked, while still maintaining a luxurious feel. Busy patterns can sometimes make things look cluttered.

The Solution

We worked together with the client to find a happy medium. We used patterns, but kept them subtle by lowering their opacity. This added a touch of modern flair without taking away from the overall luxury aesthetic.

The final branding materials, like business cards and door hangers, reflected Andorra Village’s luxurious style with a modern twist.

This approach ensured the client was happy and the branding stayed elegant, perfectly capturing the hotel’s essence.